Monday, March 17, 2014

In the kitchen of a Type A Housewife

I don't decorate my kitchen per se, but I do like it to look like some thought was put into it. For that reason, I make it a rule that anything "decorating" our kitchen has to be functional. Since pictures are more fun and where inspiration is usually drawn from anyway, I snapped a few pics of my kitchen and how I add "personality" to it.

A stoneware crock holds utensils, and my copper tea kettle adds some visual interest.

A basket holding cookbooks adds texture (and easy organization), a chalk board serves as my measurement cheat sheet, and my dutch oven adds a pop of color.

Pretty simple, but I find these little elements charming as well as functional, and it doesn't add unnecessary clutter.

We had an issue with our flooring and when the installer came out to fix it, it was necessary to pull the fridge out. Tyler took everything off the top of the fridge, and my "decor" got edited. No need for the chalkboard cheat sheet. I wrote my "cheats" on the inside cover of my most used cook book instead. We now have a chalkboard for sale ;).

It looks a little bare, but the chalkboard made it hard to clean the top of the refrigerator so it was unnecessary "clutter" and got the boot ;).


  1. That chalkboard looked really cute up there, but I understand how it would be a pain to clean around. If you would want to hang on to it, I would buy it from you. Got a neat idea for a chalkboard in our 'theatre room'...

    Also, I got some inspiration from your utensil holder. I also have mine in (a like of) a ceramic crock, but mine had been on a wooden lazy susan. I removed the lazy susan and voila! Suddenly, it looks less cluttered in that area and gave it a nice face-lift. :)

    1. I absolutely will hang onto it for you :). You are so creative and crafty- can't wait to see what you do with it! Isn't it amazing what removing even one item can do for a space? I love it!!!