Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's a season

Have you heard that expression before? It's a season. It is often used to describe a phase in your life. One that, like all seasons, will come to an end.

Well, I am in a season. It's called "having little kids," and like fall and spring, it's quickly becoming my favorite.

Sure, there are innumerable complaints to be made. For example, I haven't slept through the night in (at least) 30 months. I rarely shower, bathe, or go to the bathroom by myself, and there are CONSTANTLY little hands touching me. Sometimes I scream into my pillow, and sometimes I don't answer when "they" call. But it's a season that's becoming my favorite because…

- When "they" call, they call for momma, and only momma will do.
- When I enter the room un-showered and unkempt, "they" smile at me and fawn over me as if I am some sort of mommy-fied princess. It makes me feel pretty.
- When I go to the grocery store with my littles, kind, genteel people give me "knowing" smiles and remark about my oh-so-cute kids. They are cute, and so very sweet.
- When I am "awoken" in the morning, I get to watch them greet a new day with great hope and great enthusiasm, and I get to share in that with them…

It is a really great season, but it is beyond hard. There's no denying that, and I often times lose sight of its beauty. If I really think about it, it's actually less like spring and fall than it is like summer and winter. Much like summer and winter, you get the "extremes." Sleepless nights. Extreme heat. Loooooong days. Extreme cold. But you get also get perfect blankets of white snow and sunshine so bright you have to squint. Yep. Having little kids is a season - namely, summer and winter. It is easy to find complaint with the heat and cold after a little while, but you still love it and long for it. It's what you live for. Swimsuits and snowmen. Hot dogs and hot cocoa. Fourth of July and Christmas.

I don't always "wear" it well (much like tank tops and snow boots), but I really do love it them.

As proof - I turned my dining room into a SECOND playroom :). Happy kids = happier mom.



It's a season. Someday I will have my dining room back (spring with it's mildness will return). And much like thoughts of "summer" had in February in the midwest, I will have only fond memories of the heat. I will forget the tantrums and "scary" diapers and recall only laughter and kisses ;).


  1. I think you will (come to) appreciate this setup during this 'season'. Kids live to play and imagine, no matter where they are! That's why I have toys on every level, but they still have their 'spots'. Someday, I will get the corner of my living room back, but for now, it's for the kids. :)

  2. I'm already loving it! I sooooo wish I had done it sooner!

    1. Perfect, I bet the kids love it too!