Sunday, July 28, 2013

Small space, small budget, small changes... big difference

Well, we put a little lipstick on our master bathroom :). A more extensive renovation is several years down the road, so we needed to do a "for the time being" update. I am pleased with the results. There is truth in the statement "a little goes a long ways."

What we did...

1. painted the trim SW dover white
2. painted the walls Behr pure earth
3. changed out the light fixture (It was one of those builder "runway strips". Awful.)
4. Orange oiled the vanity
5. Added an etagere behind the cam ode (is that how you spell that?) Typing "toilet" just seemed undignified...but then I had to anyways because of my spelling doubts... shoot.
6. gave the whole room a very thorough scrub down

What we are planning to do...

1. hardware
2. towel hooks
3. new switch plates
4. MIGHT try the rustoleum espresso cabinet kit on the vanity... we'll see...hubby seems like he's game, but he has started a new hobby (brewing beer) so I have a feeling he's going to be less of a weekend warrior...
5. New faucet fixtures


1. gut it!

Without further ado... our lipstick-ed bathroom :)




  1. Looks great!! Wonderful job!

  2. Thanks Emily. I can't take much credit though. Tyler did all of the "real" work. I just "directed" the project. Ha!

  3. Well, you both have an impressive amount of ambition and vision! :)