Saturday, May 18, 2013

Susan ain't lazy. She's a genius!

Whoever named this ingenious product (probably her husband) needs a swift kick in the rear. It is, by far, one of my favorite organizing tools as of late- the lazy Susan!! Susan is far from lazy by the way. The woman was clearly a genius.

Just as "going vertical" maximizes storage, the "merry-go-round" approach maximizes accessibilty. For years I have struggled with my under sink storage. I am a hoarder of cleaning products and I have always struggled to find a way to organize my "collection" in a way that is easily accessible. It never fails- go to grab the pledge and knock over 8 other products in the process; While trying to complete one task, I created another (that being the picking up of said products). Sad face... Until about a month ago that is. I had an epiphany! Put a lazy Susan under the sink! I can now grab what I need EASILY! Oh, happy days are here again!

It got me thinking. Where else could Susan's laziness change my life? The fridge! Anyone else do the "crouch down and search despairingly under the clear shelf" move to find that sneaky tub of butter? Well, no more crouching for this gal! Thank you Susan!

I'm sure there are about a ga-zillion other places in my home in desperate need of a lazy Susan, but for now I'm going to enjoy these two small victories. How about you? Where could Susan's laziness (or genius) solve one of your storage woes?

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