Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day: Keeping it Real

Yesterday was Mothers Day. I would like to declare that I had a blissful, relaxing day. That my breakfast was brought to me in bed and that I spent the rest of the day napping and making memories with my grateful children and admiring spouse. But, C'mon Man!! Let's keep it real. My Mothers Day lasted from approximately 7-7:15 AM. Yup. A whole 15 minutes all about me. Most of the day was spent doing the mundane and for most of the day, one or both of my children were crying. There were times over the course of the day that I thought, "really?", but for every hard moment there was a beautiful moment. Here are the highlights... The good with the bad.

I Woke at 7AM to the whimpering of my parasite daughter. (Side note: I think I had gotten approximately 5 hours of interrupted sleep.) After much debate, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, and decided it would be in my best interests to feed her before her whimpers escalated to wailing. My gift from her: she smiled up at me. Best.Gift.Ever. I'm glad I fed her :).

I went downstairs around 7:10. As soon as he saw me, Rex exclaimed "Momma, Momma!"- Best.Gift.Ever

Tyler had a card and a gift waiting for me on the counter. We joke about greeting cards. How silly they are (i.e. do you like what some other guy wrote for you?), but we both give them to each other on each and every greeting card occasion. Keeping the romance alive, people! I also got a candle. Part of me (the crazy part) screamed "you got me a candle?!! I have given you two children in two years, and you got me a candle?!" The other part of me (the sane part) said thank you and acknowledged and recognized that amidst the chaos of moving, getting our townhouse ready for renters(including painting the whole house), working full- time and parenting our children, he found a window of opportunity to get me something. It really is the thought that counts. Navigating this crazy life together and not ending up on Dr. Phil yet- Best.Gift.Ever

That takes us to 7:15. Mothers Day effectively over... But everything I needed was in those 15 minutes.

Survival tip: Don't overlook what really matters.

We have our health. We have a home. We have each other.

P.S. this was all realized in hindsight. Just keeping it real :).

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