Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pom-Pom Trifecta

I have been carefully selecting toys and activities for our newly created play space (read more about our playroom here), and this one was a MAJOR hit. I chose it because it is 1) sensory, 2) educational, and 3) builds fine-motor control.

I call it… drum roll please… "Pom/Tong sorting"

I just took a wooden box with four compartments (any divided tray would work) and gave Rex pom-poms in four colors. His job was to use the tongs to sort the pom-poms by color (I modeled first, of course).

He was immediately hooked! He sat there for the longest time sorting pom-poms. His favorite "game" was to place a pom incorrectly and see if I would notice ;). Too cute!

At one point he decided to hide his sister's paci in the pom-poms and another activity was born: "Guess What's in the Bag!" We filled a small bag with pom-poms, placed a small object inside and one of us would reach in and (without peeking), guess what the object was.

Educational, sensorial, easy, and fun :).


  1. Have you had him sort them by size yet? Obviously the colors would be mixed then but it's another good sorting activity. (I am far from an expert but a loooong time ago I worked as an assistant teacher in a Montessori preschool and we always had the kids sort the same item several different ways.)

  2. I haven't, but that is an awesome idea! I'm so jealous you worked in a Montessori classroom... That's my current blog obsession!

    1. I loved that job! I just wish I remembered more of it to put into practice with my kids. And it looks like you are off to a good start!