Friday, February 7, 2014

Spice, Spice Baby!

Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

I despise spice storage. It's next to impossible for me (despite good effort) to organize all those (various sized) bottles in a really efficient way. I feel like I am constantly searching for what I need... only to find I have either a) multiple bottles of it or b) zero bottles of it. While this little organizing system doesn't completely solve my hide-and-seek spice problem, it does lessen it a bit by making my spice cupboard a little less cluttered.

I love IKEA. Have I mentioned that yet? This is the bygel rail ($2.99), coordinating wire basket ($2.99), and a set of rajtan spice jars ($3.49). I filled the jars with the spices I use most frequently when cooking: {kosher, iodized and garlic} salt and italian seasoning.

I love that it doesn't take up any counter space and frees up space in my spice cupboard. Not bad for a grand total of $9.47, right?!

You can also get s hooks for the same rail… which has me itching to use bygel rails for another kitchen organization project in the very near future…like tomorrow :).

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